¿What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a service model in which data from a computer system is stored, managed, and backed up remotely, typically on servers in the cloud that are managed by a service provider.

¿How does cloud backup work?

It makes it possible to store and access data and programs through the Internet instead of doing it from the hard drive of your computer. We manage capacity, security and robustness for data access from anywhere.

Benefits of the cloud

– Security and protection
– Customized storage
– Easy restoring
– Easy access
– Avoids loss of information

Our solutions:

Client Stories:

“Due to today’s great cyberthreats, we decided to look for a solution that would guarantee the integrity of our information. Thanks to DCARO® Solutions and its excellent Cloud Backup solution, today we have a contingency and recovery plan for our company.”

Sandra Covo

Administrative and Finance Manager – Bioger SA


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